Wednesday, May 5, 2010

for a little boy ~

this is teddy's technicolor dream room.  i blogged about this room last month, but i thought i'd share a little more on it :) hope you don't mind!

he wanted orange, which was a little tricky since i needed to use some hand me down space things from one of his big brothers (in fact, you could say that the design brief for this room was 'use what you have/buy nothing new' and we in fact managed that, pretty much).

so, how do you reconcile orange walls and a bunch of hand me downs that have nothing to do with orange?

simple really -- just draw the line at maybe three strong colors, and make sure you have a similar degree of saturation in all the colors you use - and play with it till it looks like FUN!

decorating should be most excellent fun .. ....

x lynn-anne


  1. wonderful bedroom :)
    what's the name of that orange horse/dog toy? i've been seen it along and i've never guessed who's it by! thanks!

  2. hi pablo,
    thanks! i bought this orange puppy from us catalog retailer (and crate & barrel sister store) CB2, but it's called the Cool Canine designed by Eero Aarnio, and sold by Magis. hope this helps! :) lynn-anne

  3. useful, indeed. thank you.