Saturday, May 22, 2010

our house came with plenty of old-house charm, a spacious, pretty, yard, and some amazing features . . . . but sadly, like most older homes, it also sported a dated kitchen, complete with warped flooring, stinky cabinets, and broken appliances, not to mention the leaks and the ants and the vinegar smell that permeated everything.  oh, and the chimney full of dead rodents and birds. so, instead of doing our usual save-everything-you-possibly-can-and-make-it-work kind of renovation, we were forced to do a complete remodel.  sure, it was painful at the time, but it was so worth it -- our kitchen works perfectly now -- it's always full of people and puppies and games and baking and teddy's trains. 
the after is above, and the before is below.  let me know what you think :-)

have a happy, happy sunday! -- i think i'll be right here, baking some yummy banana bread ~

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  1. wow. it's amazing.

    i am wanting to redo our kitchen (as i already said on flickr... i am obsessing tonight!) and i'm torn regarding the cabinets. to paint, or not to paint? my husband wants to install new doors and some nice hardware AND paint the original white. gotta figure out what to do with that back splash. i am just loving your kitchen. and every inch of your house. :)