Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A flock of cranes

A flock of cranes
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caroline's newest cranes.

she's flogging them at our etsy store -- i kind of think she's saving up for something big. (hmm, possibly i should investigate what that might be? a new ipod? a bell for her bike? a penguin???) -- she was inspired by the sale of some of her crane mobiles (thanks so much lovely buyers -- you made her twelve year old day, and i so love that she's getting positive reinforcement for her industry and creativity) . . .

but back to the cranes. . . they are really pretty and kind of uplifting (pun intended :-) and they seem to be super popular now (witness caroline's room going a bit viral on the web). and the legend goes something like this: IF you make a thousand cranes, you'll get your dearest wish . . . . wonderful idea, huh?


really, you don't have to buy any . . . . maybe we could have a giveaway?? tell you what: let's see what happens -- we'll do a random drawing (names in a hat, i think) for fifteen equally randomly chosen cranes from the flock in this photo. all *you* have to do is comment on this post, and let me know your fave crane color. we'll see that you get that one if you win :-)

oh, and put your email address so we can let you know if your name is drawn. fun!

it's an experiment.

x lynn-anne

Monday, August 16, 2010

today's uber-cool thing at our house: the ball chair, shortly after its arrival

ball chair, shortly after its arrival
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at our house, because of my work, you could say we're on a first name basis with the ups guy and the fed ex lady, not to mention the conway trucking guys and the webb company, and our foyer often looks more like a shipping department than a pretty house entryway . . .

SO . . . anyway, today's new arrival in said shipping dept./entryway was this child-sized ball chair, very 'mork-from-ork' (my kids said "who??" when i made that comment!), which may or may not ever make it to our little shop, as everyone here thinks it's adorable, especially teddy, who's helpfully demonstrating the chair in this snap.

did i mention that the chair twirls, delightfully ?! also, it has that shiny, sleek, space-agey white exterior, not to mention a brightly blue, comfy interior (complete with pillows which are obviously suitable for throwing on the floor, to be used as actual pillows for a passing teenager, as usual, exhausted . . . )

SO, back to the chair: it's adorable and total cool all wrapped up in a round little ball. check back for actual pics. SO sorry about the hipstamatic iphone app thing: i should be over it soon.

x lynn-anne

Sunday, August 15, 2010

iphone hipstamatic

iphone hipstamatic
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i admit that i am a bit mad about photography in general (pretty much never without some sort of a camera!) and i take a lot of quickie iphone shots (and my three iphone equipped kids are almost as obsessed -only teddy is without one, and he can't see the reasoning behind my 'five year olds don't get iphones' explanation !) so i was very excited to find out about and immediately download the histamatic app for iphone -- it randomly (you shake it) sets up a shot using a software-generated combination of effects you'd get using old school lenses, film, and developing techniques, et voila!

magic! it is fun.

artists we love: studio tuesday

image via studiotuesday

caroline and i are loving the perfect watercolor-and-ink art of maryland artist david scheirer, sold via his etsy shop, studiotuesday, which you can find here.

david's blog, with more of his work, is here.

david writes that he's inspired by his walks along the seashore, and we really love his work, maybe because the sea's a very special place for us, too.
we can't decide which one is the one that's meant for us.  these four are our favorites. 

what do you think?
image via studiotuesday

image via studiotuesday

image via studiotuesday

oh, and ps. ~ i first saw david's work on artist amy perrotti's lovely blog, which is here. apparently, david donated a print of the hot air balloon piece above to the (oxfam and world wildlife fund approved) gulf coast fundraising etsy store, which is here.

thanks, amy and david, and other generous etsy people.

x lynn-anne

just in case you didn't know: about papier mache, a lovely online mag

 image via papier mache

just in case you didn't know, i thought i'd get back into writing by sharing one of my favorite online mags devoted to children and family life, the lovely australian papier mache. it's full of stunningly pretty scenes and ideas, like this ~

all images via papier mache

and there's lots more.

and, btw, i'm sorry for my complete lack of postings for the last week or two . . . life has been full and busy, and super fun with our country living photo shoot  . .  . more to follow on that!

happy sunday

x lynn-anne

Monday, August 2, 2010

WolfDreamer: Despicable Minion

WolfDreamer: Despicable Minion: "Minion army anyone? I just had to. I've not seen the movie yet, but the little guys are just so charming. This is only one of them . . ."

okay, this little guy might be just the thing to persuade me to try crochet . . . every kid in our house wants one. LOVED despicable me, and the minions were eternally cute and quotable.