Thursday, February 17, 2011

spring is here ... possibly...

Our #pussywillow is blooming ! #faux #spring but still pretty
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trader joe's had these irresistibly fuzzy pussy willow plants last week, and sure enough, teddy and i just couldn't resist. after a week of gently rubbing the fuzzy buds against his cheek, he was shocked this morning to find that the buds had burst into a semblance of flower... so we talked about spring, and he gets it, but he'd still rather have the fuzzy buds....

oh, and if you have an iphone, and don't have the (free!) instagram app --i used it here-- you should go get it right away. it's got lots of lovely filters and it's a fun way to see the work of very talented people from all around the world. if you get instagram, and you should, i'm at lakbdesign_fergusandme.

happy snapping,

x lynn-anne

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

what I'm doing today - painting eames chairs for a school fundraiser with 90 kindergartners - so much love & energy

i'm so sorry i've been painfully absent ... so much to do, so little time.

i spent today in the company of teddy and his kindergarten classmates, not to mention some lovely and talented teachers and moms, working on a fundraising project for school -- we had the kids choose and paint elements of a garden (get it? kindergarden ?:) on the outside of a repro eames rocker (here without its base) ... you can see the one i did late late last night at right ...) i'll keep you posted as to how much we raise!

please bear with me! in the immortal words of arnold: i will be back ~

x lynn-anne

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The week that was: savannah, shop, and sweets

The week that was: Savannah, shop, and sweets
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so last week, i was: in savannah (not really the sleepy southern town you'd think it is); checking out new artists at the SCAD (savannah college of art and design) shop -always tres cool-, snabbing a daisy-laden 1960 tv tray table for caroline's room (from a friend -she had 2!), styling my newly relaunched and much larger shop, fergus&me @post&gray (too too many ampersands, i think!), making off with some most excellent mid-century tuffets at a slightly country auction, and thinking, just a little, about valentine's day ... oh, and there was lots of soccer, too (eleven games since last saturday!) and two championships - yay for my boy alec and his team .....

i hope yours days were as busy and as happy and as full of life & love,

have a happy week~


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

spring flowers - like the penhaligon's bluebell I love so much

spring flowers - like the penhaligon's bluebell I love so much
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something simple for today:

two blue-ish bunches from trader joes +
two blue jugs (one modern, one old, old, old) +
two minutes to set up =
one sweet looking, sweet smelling moment at our house ~

so, did that crazy groundhog see his shadow?

i guess i don't care; so what if we're in for six more weeks of winter -- i can get by with this simple little bit of spring to sustain me.

you can, too.

x lynn-anne