Friday, May 21, 2010

my pink fix

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1. I'm Done ..., 2. In progress.., 3. Andrea Schreiber, 4. Iso's bedroom, 5. blossom, 6. Cherry delight Set, 7. our bed, 8. kitchen from livingroom, 9. guest room
pretty in pink
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someone, please, stop me before i turn into a one trick pony . . . i just have so much fun making mosaics at! possibly a new obsession?
you might know that i live in a house full of boys (six, if you include the dogs, and believe me, i have to include the dogs) --- there's just me and caroline, and pink is a dirty word in her lexicon right now. but i love it. and i love the imagination and creativity that so many people have by the bucketload. . . . so here's a pink fest. it makes me happy, and i hope you love it, too :)

happy friday!

x lynn-anne


  1. Yes, I agree, I like pink too. Our dining room is painted. . . you guessed it-PINK! I even painted plum blossom branches on one wall.

    I love your mosaics. It keeps me from missing magazine subscriptions. :)

  2. thanks amy! post pics of your dining room on flickr -- it sounds perfect. and thanks for the vote of confidence on the mosaics :-) x lynn-anne

  3. have you visited she's a total pink freak and has an amazing house!