Tuesday, May 11, 2010

in the playroom

in the playroom
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on a rainy sunday afternoon, we took a look a look at our boxes and boxes of books and decided something had to be done -- so after some careful measuring and a trip to the hardware store, and then a couple of hours of painting and hanging shelves later, we ended up with this. the books just get shoved on the shelves all higgeldy-piggeldy by the kiddies, but it's okay . . . there's always someone, or a group of someones, plopped on this old sofa reading or playing or just hanging out. be brave: you can do it, too!

sofa: ancient this end up (remember that store?) painted black by my kids. i always use benjamin moore's metal and wood enamel - makes it easy with little prep work -
lamp: flos work lamp from design within reach
chalkboard paint: benjamin moore
eames style molded rocker: eastendimports.com
hex table: west elm
suitcase (used to store lots of matchbox cars!): charity shop
puppy: henry


  1. I saw this on ohdeedoh...what type of flooring is that? it looks like a durable marmoleum, etc...

    what a bright space! I always dreamed of an attic playroom/reading nook as a child. Your kids are so lucky :-)

  2. hi heela, thanks so much for your lovely comment! the flooring is cork -- the rest of the house is old hardwood, but we added this space from an unfinished attic, and we wanted a renewable resource that would provide some sound insulation and would be easy to take care of . . . our kids were involved in the decision :)

  3. Beautiful space! Is the rocker comfortable? I have considered the same one for our nursery and wondered if it would be cozy enough for nighttime feedings.

  4. hello -- it is very comfy, actually. this one is a smaller size, for kids, although i've found most adults can fit in it comfortably :) x lynn-anne