Saturday, May 22, 2010

creativity sparked, at the jumble sale

caroline and i dragged ourselves out of bed early early this saturday morning to go to one of our favorite church rummage sales (when i was little in scotland we called them jumble sales; a slightly more perfect name than rummage, i think).  we always catch up with some neighbors and haul away a pile of treasures, and today was no different.

caroline discovered a pile of pristine records (remember those?!), all for kids (including one intriguingly titled "stories and songs about food" !) -- some were even still sealed in cellophane.  we'll have to wait till our newly ordered turntable arrives from to have a listen, (why, oh why, did i donate the old one years ago?!!), but for now we're reveling in the darling covers.  this is our favorite -- the cover for "it's a small world" sung by the disneyland boys' choir (can you imagine? we can't wait to hear it!).

anyway, we've already uploaded this image and ordered it as fabric from -- a most excellent service -- and we're researching how to make it into wallpaper . . . stay tuned!

happy saturday, everyone!

x lynn-anne


  1. Hi Lynn-Anne, I have a kitchen curtain my mother in-law made from It's a Small World Disney fabric that I have always loved too! Hey, speaking of fabric I've just joined Globalweave Textiles open design community. Have a look-

  2. amy -- i will have a look :-) and i'm so happy that you're a small world fan, too!