Monday, January 24, 2011

Making photo mosaics: Teddy calls this 'the picture of glad" ;)

Making photo #mosaics: Teddy calls this 'the picture of glad" ;)
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it seems as if there's a new and delightful photo app almost every day, and i must admit i do tend to get a little lost in exploring and editing and making; and the advent of the ipad at our house has just added to the fun and games - i used the filterstorm and photolayout apps for ipad to make this ... did i mention that i was one of those teenagers who put together sweet but silly collages for friends ....

x lynn-anne

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday found......

Everyone loves this #thrifty find: thirty-nine #bouncy balls for a fiver...
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This was the most popular thing I brought home from the estate sales this week -- who knows why a ninety-four year old lady (she's just now moving in to her retirement apartment ;) had thirty-nine bouncy balls ? Young at heart, I think .... Anyway, apart from the inherent play value -just ask teddy about that- these bouncy balls are a great reminder that even the silliest, most pedestrian, most mundane thing you have bouncing around the house can help you create a personal, colorful, and vibrant home -

I hope your Sunday is full of fun --

x lynn-anne

Saturday, January 22, 2011

trend alert: wintry white gnomes

center image, others lakbdesign

have you noticed the continuation of that early winter trend, crisp white, stylized porcelain figural things?  they're everywhere, but i especially like the newest additions, these gorgeous garden gnomes.

the first of the photos features a tall ceramic gnome from my bricks and mortar shop ... the second depicts west elm's new mod gnomes, and the third shows urban outfitters sweet gnome (and owl!) lights ... nice.

i'm not sure how long this trend will last, but i do love it. 
possibly this dates back to my childhood love of Big Ears, Noddy's gnome-y sidekick.

have a happy sunday!

x lynn-anne

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spoke & Wheel


i've been thinking for a while about how to share decorating advice here, beyond just posting mood boards. when i'm working on a house (or even if i'm not actually working on it ... just ask my friends!) i can go from room to room and very basically and instinctively see what furniture pieces and textiles and art should be together. i often tell design clients that decorating a successful house begins with a collection of things that have individual and important resonance for the family, but then what? how do you put all those sweet things together? the answers lie in repetition and connection, and i've tried to show that here: if you start at that strong spoke & wheel mirror, you can create a pretty and harmony-filled space by finding other things that subtly echo the spoke & wheel motif, like the repeated circles on this lovely decorative tile, and the wide owl eyes of Roddy & Ginger's sweet pillow (take a look at their charming etsy shop here....  but there's a fine line, and you'll need to find some things that work into the space in different ways, like john lewis' die cut wooden tree, and rie munoz' 1974 silkscreen, 'the kiss'.

i'll keep working to share design tips ... it's honestly a bit like painting by numbers, with a little bit of pixie dust thrown in.

happy thursday!

x lynn-anne

Monday, January 10, 2011

love is all you need

except it might help to have some lovely, clever flickr friends ...

some sweet ideas to celebrate the love in your family ~
*collect some heart shaped rocks - they're everywhere*
make a *love* pie
*create a love-ly garland*
craft a chalkboard clock, and put some *heart* in it

love one another ~

x lynn-anne


heart garland, many years of love in the making: have had my kiddies write what they love

heart garland, many years of love in the making: have had my kiddies write what they love
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so sweet to get out -- almost like those glitter and popsicle stick ornaments i treasure -- i started having y kids write these hearts (and i write them, too) back when my oldest, now 18, was about 5 ... it's so (bittersweet) to think of how they've grown. teddy made a new one today: "i love mom" awwww. x

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a bright and shiny january; or, deco deconstructing and reconstructing.

yesterday, i was on a mission to find a little peace in my home after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, so i did a little decorative deconstructing and reconstructing and came up with .... this!

who says orange is only for october?! .... more deconstruction and reconstruction to come ~

i'm working on making this a bright and shiny january - i hope you are, too.

x lynn-anne

Sunday, January 2, 2011


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have you checked out the new iphone photo app, Instagram?
it's like a combo hipstamatic, flickr, and twitter all rolled up, mixed together, and made extra fabulous. the key is the pics -- it's all about the image, and funky finishes and processing ....

someone probably needs to make me stop.

but you can follow me on instagram, if you get it. i promise loads of lovely snaps. other people's aren't bad either.

oh, and happy new year. more to come on that, but i hope all is well in your neck of the woods ....

x lynn-anne