Tuesday, October 13, 2009

do you love hedgehogs? new favorite etsy shop

from sara carr's etsy shop 

sweet kissing hedgehogs, hand knitted and knobbly -- wish i could knit like that ~



and, just in time for autumn's chill, some clever pencil scarves ~


fergusandme has already hearted sara's shop . . . .

volksfaden.de, for fantastic fabrics displayed en collage

okay, i admit i love these old cars and streetscapes, but take a look at the fab fabrics so gorgeously embellishing the scene.  They're all collected, along with charming ribbons and buttons, at volksfaden.de

i really love the collage-y displays ~


makes me want to make something, anything, that requires a ribbon . . .notice the adorable helen dardik design at top, and you can look at her blog here


fun, huh?

Friday, October 9, 2009

and one more pretty in plummy purple

image via beaconhilldesign.com

i'm holding a big piece of this beacon hill linen and silk mix crewel right now (it's fittingly called secret romance) and it is honestly stunning (the image doesn't do it justice at all) and what I'm thinking of is doing a sort of slightly over the top tricia guild-esq stunner of a drawing room (with this fabric, it's a drawing room, not a plain ol' living room!), using a marvelous pink and plum palette.  Hmm . . . sounds gorgeous.  time to create something lovely, i think.

delicious fabrics from designer's guild

images via designersguild.com

we are loving the yummy roumier collection from designer's guild  -- the colorways are delicious plums and pinks and purples, very a la mode! -- and the fabrics are so sumptuous, in rich velvets and wools -- perfect colors for fall, we think ~

image via designersguild.com

the fabric above, leblond from the roumier collection, is especially perfect . . . it's an out-of-the-chocolate box delight, and we can't wait for an excuse to use it!