Monday, April 26, 2010

turquoise: the new black?

so, what do you think? it's everywhere (including all over my house, but i made those decisions several years ago . . . ) so . . .is turquoise the new black?! let me know!

x la


  1. Turquoise IS the new black. I agree! And there are sales to prove it as well. At least, for us in notebooks/agendas. I'm a designer and most of the notebooks we emboss on, number 1 seller is wasabi green and turquoise!
    I LOVE how you decorated your home with turquoise. Softer shades. Wish I could hire you to come to our home and just run free!! lol.

  2. thanks, chantale!

    i'm often to be found zooming around other people's houses turning them into something gorgeous! would love to see yours:)