Monday, April 12, 2010

here comes the sun, little darling

wythe blue room
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here comes the sun, so frumpy family room, begone . . .

it's so easy to add zest with fab thrifted finds -- like here, with just

. . .a couple of tablecloths (one vintage, one newer) swagged over hooks at the top of the window,
. . .a lemony pillow from a mass market retailer,
. . . and a brightly granny chic knitted throw (2.99!! - why DO people get rid of these???) tucked around a plain mitchell gold square chair cushion,
you can bring some sunny sparkle to a so-so space . . . :) smile. it's spring. here comes the sun, little darling.

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  1. Love the sunny corner!

    Do you have a shop? Or are you a professional decorator? I ask the question because... if you have a shop.... is it would be possible to order the aqua polar bear wallpaper through your shop?