Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sweet, sweet storage solutions . . .

1. Vintage Suitcase, 2. Crocheted baskets--my 26th Explore!, 3. Untitled, 4. this morning; cleaning up in the tin cupboard

i am an inveterate hoarder of things, and so are my little and not so little ones.  but we like order, and not just any order, but pretty, interesting, imaginative order.

so . . .  i'm always looking for sweet, fun, unusual ways to reuse old things to store other things in, and i find there's no better place to go for inspiration than the lovely photostreams of my talented flickr friends. . . . just click on the links above to be transported to these positive goldmines of ideas . . . -- and have a wonderful time exploring  . . .

(ps don't you just love that tiny craft suitcase?  i just picked one of these up in a charity shop, -it is so adorable- and now i know how we will be using it!)

don't stay up all night looking!

x lynn-anne


  1. Love the suitcase and your colours!! Wish you a happy day! Laila

  2. thanks laila! i love your beautiful blog -- so many gorgeous images! lynn-anne