Wednesday, April 7, 2010

kid heaven: a swinging chair

so, over the weekend i posted a bunch of pictures of caroline's room, including this one, to my flickr photostream, and i have been surprised and amazed by how much people seem to like it.  the 'star' (besides the quilt, of course) seems to be that swinging chair.

henry likes to sleep underneath it. anyway, this swinging chair is from habitat in the u.k., and is sadly no longer available.  but there is an alternative -- ikea's very affordable svinga chair, which swings like mad.  just look at teddy swinging this morning on one of the two we have hanging in our back porch . . . 

don't you wish you had one?  i had a hammock (from habitat) in my room when i was little, and i remember it quite fondly.


  1. Your flikr photos are incredible. You've got great taste and I love how you have designed your rooms

  2. thanks so so much! you are so kind. i really appreciate that :) . . . makes it a little easier to clean up after four kids and one feisty scottish terrier (fergus) and one rascally puppy (henry) -- x lynn-anne

  3. Lynn-Ann
    i saw your photos on flickr too, and little henry looks so sweet in his bed beneath the swinging chair. You have decorated beautifully,

  4. thanks so much, kat! i am so happy you liked the rooms. . . . i decorate pretty much all day every day for clients, and it's all so much fun, but sometimes i don't quite get to what i want to do at my own house ~ so it's great to have that positive feedback to keep me motivated at home -- thanks! lynn-anne