Monday, April 26, 2010

in the garden

so we finally did the potting yesterday, and i love all the color.  this morning, the sunlight was so perfectly golden, and the air so fresh after the weekend rain and wind -- all in all, a glorious morning.  i can't wait to put this old table and thrifted chairs to use again  -- i think i won't wait for dinner -- maybe i'll work outside this morning. 


have a perfect day . . . x lynn-anne


  1. It looks beautiful! I have wanted to work in the garden too. But haven't had a chance yet. We did plant our sun flowers though. Lots, and all over the place. We like to be surprised later on in the summer :)

  2. i love sunflowers . . . so amazing! i must get some so that we have a summer surprise :) x la

  3. just such a perfectly pretty and peaceful pic. love it!