Monday, September 14, 2009

vintage-y storage for kiddie collections

inveterate collectors, take note.  
Next time you're thrifting, or estate sale shopping, or out at the flea market, pick up a few of those old, sorta beat up, possibly painted, drawer organizers that we all see from time to time.  Use little nails right through some of the sturdy wood to attach them firmly to the wall, and arrange, or, if you're me, let your kiddies arrange, collections to their hearts content.  I love this idea, because previously I just used to set these things up on windowsills, but breakages tended to occur. This is just a bit more "away", and it seems to work well.
These collections are, from top, Wade Whimsys, just like the ones I collected out of tea packets and I think cereal boxes when I was little in Scotland.  Caroline has a big collection thanks to her treasure hunting grandma who lives in England, and to our English neighbor who very kindly gives us the ones she finds in her Red Rose tea packets of today.  You can find these charming little ceramics at flea markets for a few dollars each.  The middle box has lots of vintage Scottish terriers, like Fergus.  The bottom one has a collection of quirky primitive painted Spanish figures of unknown origin -- but we liked them! 
These work really well for collections of matchbox cars, trains, acorns, shells, rocks, fossils, interesting pieces of wood -- all of which I think we've used them for.  It's a way to add fun and spirit and personality to boring spaces, like here, where we hung them in dead space in the laundry room bath where we wash the dog. And let your kids arrange them -- they will love it.

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