Monday, September 14, 2009

treasures found

Here's Caroline on Saturday with a sampling of her favorite estate sale find of the day.  She was thrilled to find shop cards full of vintage early 1970s sunglasses, some mirrored, some not, some with bugs bunny, some even made in Italy . . . she's going to put them on our etsy shop, which I'm glad about, since I think there are about 50 pairs.  Her big brothers and little brother quickly claimed a few, though.  The teen boy verdict: cool! Looks like those ones we've been buying in Nordstrom all summer!  The little boy verdict: can I take the lenses out?  Can I have one for my bear? My verdict: sweet memories - as soon as I saw that card with bright and cartoon festooned kiddie sunglasses, I felt like a little kid again, begging my mom and dad for a pair . . .  

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