Monday, September 7, 2009

oilcloth, our take

life in the fergusandme family is a swirling hurly burly of craft projects, icing cupcakes, painting random pieces of furniture, and slurping spaghetti hoops (teds!), and to counteract all that mess, we have become devotees of oilcloth, in its many prints and patterns. To say that it is a life saver around here would be putting it mildly, to be honest.  we generally get ours from John Lewis in the U.K., dragging back duffels loaded with yards and yards of it, but oilcloth is becoming more popular and accessible in the United States, perhaps because of trend toward sustainability, reusability, and vintage chic. Or maybe it's just the ubiquity (and i mean that in a positive way) of Cath Kidston's design ethos. We've used oilcloth to cover kitchen chairs, create wall panels in kids' rooms, upholster entire walls (it's easy to do as the fabric has a heft that others don't), and, of course, protect our Crate & Barrel Big Sur kitchen table, which we love, from the aforementioned paint, glue, glitter, and spaghetti hoops.
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here are some more oilcloth sources and ideas ~

thanks to bowiestyle over at for this note about John Lewis's "apples" oilcloth ~
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check out for lots of fun prints, like these ~ (thanks to Lisa and her excellent site for this link, also check out the amazing bag she made using oilcloth -- we've never been this adventurous!)
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there are lots of lovely Marimekko oilcloth options at, like these ~
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and, we can't forget the lovely offerings at
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  1. Hi Lynn-Anne,
    Oh my gosh, I was flabbergasted when I read your post just now. I hope it's okay that I featured your home. I am always on the hunt for a beautiful home to show and yours was perfect. I didn't realize you had a blog or I would have contacted you first. I can't wait to check out any changes you may have done. Your home is spectacular.


  2. no problem, leann! i appreciate the compliment, and thanks, lynn-anne

  3. I've never heard about oilcloth before, but it sounds really great...., love the boats!

  4. oilcloth is amazing, especially if you have kids! It's a staple of many british family homes, and is available in gorgeous prints. i love using it for simple upholstery, kids' room walls -- anything really! thanks! lynn-anne