Friday, September 18, 2009

ikea's new birdy tray

elle decoration UK September featured this darling new (and cheap, cheep!) birdy tray designed by Susan Pryke. we really really love it, and really, really want it, but a fairly exhaustive search of the new ikea catalog and the various ikea websites has revealed not a feathery trace of this, the "baarbar" laminate tray.  we may be forced to actually GO to ikea tomorrow and check it out!  if we find it, we'll post right away, and twitter (which would be appropriate, i guess.)  if YOU find it, let us know!


  1. at ikea charlotte! scored one today -- i think just as cute in real life :) and $5.99! la

  2. Ha - this is so funny, I too have been on the hunt online and in the catalogue for this!I started about a month ago when the new catalogue came through the door - noticed the tray in one of the kitchen pictures early in the catalogue, but there's no product info. Glad to hear it's available now, I will have to make a trip and get one! x

  3. did you get one, yet? sooo cute; we're using it to carry cups of tea upstairs when we're reading harry p at night :)