Saturday, September 19, 2009

the BEST wall stickers

photo via/courtesy chocovenyl, Helen Dardik

when you see wall stickers in Target (we love Target very much, but it's a behemoth, not exactly nimble and at the cutting edge of high design .. .), you know that this particular form of decorating has gone mainstream, become ubiquitous.  but the stickers themselves are wonderful, repositionable, removable, really fun. . . and there are some amazing examples out there. our current favorites are from chocovenyl, available here.

Chocovenyl features work from some of our favorite artists, including Helen Dardik, Jillian Phillips, Carolyn Gavin of Ecojot fame (check out her amazing blog!) -- you'll seem some of our favorites below -- so talented!

an even more exciting option is their custom work: chocovenyl will create fab, BIG repositionable fabric stickers from your high res photos, with amazing results; or, you can opt to have artist Helen Dardik incorporate your favorite family photos into original art, realized as those fabric stickers.  Amazing: see below! 





all above photos via/courtesy chocovenyl

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