Sunday, September 20, 2009

angus and rosie

meet angus and rosie, our beloved bunnies, the sweetest, gentlest, most affectionate and darling pets that any family could have (except when they're chewing my laptop power cord, which they attempted to get away with -it wasn't plugged in- right after i snapped this butter-wouldn't-melt-in-our-mouths portrait!!) 

Anyway, we LOVE these bunnies (don't tell fergus!) 

So, we bet you're wondering what the point of this delightful ode to bunnies really is?? Well, it's a warm and fuzzy kind of how-to, a step by step description of one of our favorite fergusandme homemade wall art projects -- 
the ten by ten close up portrait on "canvas", cheap and cheerful edition.  here's how:

take a close up, or crop a shot of a favorite animal or child or part of said animal or child (i'm thinking tiny feet on a baby, a little hand curled around a big one, an impish smile that just reaches the sparkling eyes . . . you get the idea)~
use your favorite photo manipulation tool (around here, iPhoto) to save your chosen shot in sepia, or black and white, and be sure it works, as above, in a square format~
scurry off to your favorite almost-anachronistic camera store (around here, Wolf Camera) and have them print the shot as a ten by ten~
while said camera store is printing, and hopefully not losing, your photo, hop on over to your local art supply store (around here, Michael's) (hopefully with this week's 40% off one item coupon clutched in your hot little hand!) and buy a blocky (one inch deep) ten by ten artist's canvas (the thick kind)~
go pick up your stunning ten by ten close up print, then bring everything home. Hopefully your children will not have talked you into the infamous "bunch of junk", including those paint your own wooden thingys, that tends to come home here from the craft store.  Attach the print to the canvas with slightly watered down glue and a paintbrush~
and there you have it, a lovely, dimensional "canvas", by you.  Be Brave! Make multiples! You'll be surprised how marvelous your own shots can look, with just a little work, and a little know how ~

so that's it, our excuse for featuring our bunnies on the blog.

thanks for being so sweet, angus and rosie~

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