Wednesday, October 6, 2010

an october moment

colder weather has finally happened here in north carolina, and, predictably, caroline and teddy have been busy this week after school rummaging recklessly under-the-eaves for our gigantic stash of halloween stuff, as well as debating the relative attributes of pirate, ghost, and viking costumes . . . . and every day, they've begged for me to get everything out to decorate the house for halloween . .  . .  but i just haven't been able to do it.  it's madness, really, boxes and boxes of faux crows and black candles, and all that sort of thing -- and i will get there, but not till this weekend, at the very earliest.  so, in the end, i relented a bit, bought a pumpkin or two, and found a couple of stone ones from africa in my work room.  so this is it so far for fall; more to come, i guess.

so where are you on the big halloween deco question?  all the boxes, or just a few?  i'm not sure yet.  stay tuned . . . :)

ps: what do you think of that bright, bright blue chair?  i brought it home from the shop  -- it's one of a pair.  i really like it.  some brave soul 'redid' it around 1970, i think -- painted it, and upholstered it in white-ish pleather with brass tacks.  let me know!

x lynn-anne

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