Thursday, September 30, 2010

just in case you didn't know: about, a treasure trove of design inspiration

i got a message today from becky, who i know from her work on hatch, the design public blog, about Houzz, a site stuffed full of amazing pics of inspiring rooms, with quite a few clever little gadgets besides (try the Buzz. it's fun.)  i'm sort of ashamed to say that i had no idea about Houzz -- how did i miss it?! weird! but, i'm pretty well addicted at this point.  love finding cool stuff that other people so sweetly share.  and i'm sharing some of my stuff, like the recent shots here . . .

okay, maybe not that last one.  you've heard of trendy designers and their 'pop-up' stores, like whats-her-name's at Montauk?  well, this is teddy's pop up art studio.  seriously, i was busy making globe mobiles out of recycled cloth string and old globes, and stringing these flags into a garland, and this table had migrated out of the living room to make room for something else, and it just seemed like the ideal place for a kindergartner artist to ply his craft.  fun.