Monday, October 11, 2010

wythe blue room in autumn

wythe blue room in autumn
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no school today, so we stayed home -- apart from a trip to the pumpkin patch, which was quite entertaining -- and dragged out the halloween things. i'm not a big fan of skeletons and stuff, and today, i managed to keep it to warm fall color and witches. oh, and a few faux crows.

when i'm trying to create a mood in a room, i tend to pull things from other spaces that have the right colors, the right textures, and the right shapes. that way, you get a fresh feel without spending much money -- here, i pulled this sort of heavy console from the living room, left the ballard designs stella mirror that's been there for ages, and popped in a pair of vintage 1970s brown knight chess piece lamps (i bought these at a flea market in cincinnati in september; the burlap shades from target were an easy, wheaty, kind of harvest-feel option). the curve of the horse's neck echoes the arc of the mirror . . . charming. and that tweedy orange grandpa chair is a tag sale find (scrubbed to within an inch of its life!!) . ....

pretty, individual decorating is fairly easy and achievable. almost like paint by numbers.

more to follow on this!

wishing you the happiest of fall days ~

x lynn-anne

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