Tuesday, October 26, 2010

how do you deco for halloween? spooky, or not so?

a halloween hallway
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i have been thinking about this issue all day, i think ever since hgtv.ca used a pic of teddy hanging halloween letter garland as the lead-in for a similar post. around here, we tend to go the no-so-spooky route -- although teddy asked me yesterday if we could have 'a graveyard with skeletons poking out' (thanks neighbors two streets over!) -- just using pumpkins and cut out black paper bats and that sort of thing.

pretty much like this, actually ~

happy almost halloween!

x lynn-anne


  1. I just found you via DecoMyPlace and did a search to find your blog and Flickr. I love your decorating style. Your eclectic style is so inspiring.

    I like the not so spooky route for decorating as well. And, looking at all your photos, I sure wish our house was done so I could decorate. (It's under construction.)

    Glad I found you.

    ~ Jennifer

  2. hi jennifer! you're so sweet -- thank you :) your comment totally made my crazy saturday. i'm so excited for you that you'll have a new house to decorate; i'm sure you're gathering ideas and things ! have a happy week. x lynn-anne