Friday, October 15, 2010

halloween crafty faves - clever flickr contacts

halloween crafty faves - clever flickr contacts
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we're planning a crafty halloween party for teddy and his five year old friends, and while we've got a lot of old favorites and crafty stand-bys, i went looking tonight in my favorite crafty flickr pools for some new ideas. i found these beauties, by some very clever people. you'll find the where, which will lead you to the how and the why and most importantly, the who, if you follow the links below ~ happy not-so-creepy crafting!

x lynn-anne

1. owl, 2. Oh, Hello Dere, 3. Wild Max, 4. VICTORIAN GOTHIC HALLOWEEN TAGS Hang Tags Gift Tags PLUS BOOKMARK Digital Collage Sheet - 0083, 5. Halloween matryoshka dolls, 6. Happy Halloween from TADA*s Revolution, 7. Googly eye Halloween wreath, 8. Halloween Friends, 9. halloween broom treat bags

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