Friday, January 29, 2010

north carolina artist patrick dougherty's stick structures

image credit finn mcrae, via the junior society 

isn't this AMAZING? reminds us a lot of where the wild things are. every child that i've shown this to has been nothing less than captivated . . . it brings me an instant memory of being four years old, and building a secret "house" in the warm, long grass near where i lived ~

image credit rob cardillo, photo via the junior society 

north carolina based artist patrick dougherty weaves these incredible structures from sticks and saplings, creating each one in harmony with its site  . . . see more here 

and, we're thrilled that patrick is working this spring on an installation at the community performance center on main street in rock hill, under the auspices of winthrop university ~ we will be able to experience this for ourselves!  can't wait! (thanks to our friends at the junior society for sharing this)

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