Saturday, January 16, 2010

At the bookstore yesterday i saw the sugar-sweet but strangely compelling "little boy" picture book by Alison mcghee and Peter Reynolds -- ends with 'little boy you remind me of how / so much depends on days made of now' -- I guess it's the usual reminder to live in the moment and celebrate those 'little' things that make all our lives worthwhile rather than waiting and waiting for the big things that we think will make us happy -- also, to adore our children for the all too brief time they are little, and even not so little (see my post a couple of days ago about big boys). A little Saturday morning sentimentality! anyway, the book is adorable and charmingly illustrated but I think more a heart tugger for the parents of little boys than an entertaining book for the little boys themselves . . . On that slightly sweetly sardonic note, happy Saturday!!

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