Monday, January 25, 2010

harry and guinevive visit hong kong

harry and guinevive are excited to see the hustle and bustle of hong Kong.  guinevive has dressed in her best, and is sporting a pink feather "fascinator" in her long brown hair.  harry has popped on his dapper yellow morning jacket, and sports a blue plume in his lapel.  watch out for those trucks, harry and guinevive! (by caroline)


or, this post could also be captioned, "how The Make-it Book, c. 1928, took over our Sunday", and i have a feeling, many Sundays to come.

The Make-it Book, an old how-to book of the "busy children are certainly staying out of trouble" genre, resurfaced at our house last week (i think it was purchased at an estate sale last summer, but its precise provenance is lost to the mists of time) and was promptly set upon by caroline and teddy, who found any number of excellent time devouring projects to get started on (remember, this book was published in 1928 (by rand mcnally!) when children's lives were bereft of travel soccer, ipod touches, and tv; a time when beribboned and pantalooned youngsters presumably had all the time in the world to make a horse and cart out of vegetables, or a houseboat floating on corks, or any number of other delights) ~~ after some negotiations, we agreed to start out with clothespin dolls, as described in the book.  caroline got to work, and the result today was the charming couple harry and guinevive (she made that one up), who, we have decided, will travel the world on exciting adventures, mostly roaming afar from their delightful yellow house in Washingline, DC.  First stop, hong kong. so, these are their travels, to be updated every monday. i think we're going to call it mondays with the Make-it Book.  it's a return to old fashioned pastimes, maybe. definitely better than sponge bob. we'll post how-tos on making your own clothespin dolls, like harry and guinevive, later today :)


  1. No, I mean, I think it looks really fun. I get excited by fun visual stuff. :)