Friday, January 29, 2010

amy perrotti's lovely valentines

images copyright amy perrotti, via

as soon as you get a look at the lovely valentines on etsy, you won't ever be happy with those old sponge bob or transformers ones again, especially since the very talented illustrator Amy Perrotti has put together these compilations, ready to snip and give to all your kids favorite people (or to give to all your favorite people -- why should kids have all the fun?).  i discovered Amy's valentines while looking for some things for my own family (shh! don't tell caroline she'll be getting something sweet from Amy's shop for valentines day . . .), and i figured they'd make a great lead in to a few posts about gifts for valentines day, and loving gifts in general.
and even better, Amy is a north carolina girl -- support handmade, and local, at that!  you'll never want to look at a mass produced box of valentines again.  and check out Amy's blog at




  1. Thank you for the blog post featuring my Valentines!! I wish you and Caroline and all your readers a Happy Valentine's Day!
    It has been snowing here since early evening. I hope you get snow too! Tomorrow its build a snowman or bust!

  2. thx amy! we have only a little snow so far; keep your fingers crossed for charlotte! take a photo of your snowman, and we'll compare -- maybe you could replicate your charming snowman in love piece? that would be amazing!