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FW: Stray Dog Designs Haitian Worker Relief Fund

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We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our many friends, customers, and colleagues who have called and written expressing concern about Haiti and the people with whom Stray Dog Designs works there.Those of you  who have admired and purchased products created by the folks we work with there, have a connection. As you know, we went to Haiti five years ago for the purpose of bringing work to that impoverished nation. There is no better relief from poverty than a chance for gainful employment at a meaningful wage, both of which we were happy to be able to provide.  

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In the wake of the recent tragic earthquake we, like the rest of the world, await more information and news of our workers and friends in Haiti. We know that there is a high probability that the building where our artisans worked was damaged, thereby taking their place of work away. We pray that was the worst of it, but we don't yet know with so much post earthquake chaos at this time.

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At first we planned to make a donation to  an organization like Doctors Without Borders, but decided instead to create a direct relief fund for the very workers with whom we work. Noted designer Kathy Bazemore illustrated our feeling perfectly when she wrote:
Dear Billy & Jane,
I am so sorry about what is happening in Haiti. Any word from your friends there?  During Katrina's aftermath, getting a donation right into the life of friends of friends was quicker relief than sending a donation through an organization. So let me know if there is any way that I can help - or if there is a specific effort or organization you think would be most beneficial to families you know I would like to know how to help.
We have set up the Stray Dog Designs Haitian Worker Relief Fund. The money we collect will be used to directly help our workers and friends of Stray Dog Designs in Haiti to rebuild their lives, whatever that means -donating blankets or clothing, acquiring medical assistance, rebuilding homes, or  maybe help relocating to another area.

Whatever the need, we wish to continue to help the very people we went to help in the first place.
 In addition, Stray Dog Designs will match $.50 on every dollar raised up to $10,000.00.

Obviously there are immediate needs for everyone in Haiti, and should you feel moved to give to other helping organizations we urge you to do so. Our goal at Stray Dog Designs will be to address the needs of the few hundred people and their families with whom we have a connection.

We have set up a  Paypal  account called the Stray Dog Designs Haitian Worker Relief Fund.  If you wish to join our effort we extend our deepest gratitude. Those who donate to our Fund will receive detailed information as to how their money is used.


Donations can be made by clicking above, or by sending a check made out to Stray Dog Designs Haitian Worker Relief Fund to:


Stray Dog Designs

611 E. 11th St.

Chattanooga, TN 37403

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