Monday, August 24, 2009

new from Sweden, wonderful Wingbud Wallpaper

I grew up in Scotland, a country that is so northern that you can sometimes see the aurora borealis in the sky, where alpine plants are routinely featured in front gardens, and where it sometimes snows in June. You could say I prefer a moody, grey day to a hot and sunny one. So, as I'm sitting here in the American South, on a hot, hot, humid August day, I'm very happy to be writing about the stunning, verdant and fresh wallpapers offered by Wingbud Wallpaper
. Swedish artist and designer Lena Hautoniemi has created a range of papers that encompass both quiet, peaceful nature-inspired designs and designs that embody the riotous colors and movement and pattern of the natural world. Amazing! My favorites are Polypodium in white/light grey-turquoise (in the room pic above), and Gooseberry, in light green (first pic below). Reminds me of picking gooseberries in the hedgerows on summer afternoons when I was small . . . so simple, and beautiful! I'll be calling on Wingbud next time I need something really special on the walls in one of my projects . . . or maybe it'll be just the thing when I redo my dining room in a month or two! Thanks, Lena! I LOVE your work. You can shop Lena's online store at, and look at her blog at (beautiful images, even if you don't read Swedish!)


  1. Real poetry, this text capture the essens of my making. My own bank of patterns is in Värmland Sweden.
    Thanks Charlotte!

  2. love your work, and already hearing from others who do, too:) lynn-anne

  3. I love the gooseberry one too - so pretty and simple, but such an interesting pattern. Love it!