Monday, August 17, 2009

Marvelous Martha

Leafing through the September issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, I was struck by the gorgeous greens on display in the "containing beauty" piece . . . as a flower lover, and a person with absolutely no ability to keep house plants alive (I usually resort to shoving them out on the screen porch when they start to droop, and then, I forget about them completely. I have even managed to quickly assassinate a cactus~) I usually skip over articles involving houseplants of any sort, but the images in this article stopped me in my tracks. I'm always amazed by the Martha Stewart team's ability to capture light beautifully in photos, and this article is no exception. The greens are so saturated, and I completely love the collection of cacti on an Empire mahogany table (protected by silver dishes from water damage, of course) . . . take a look. Inspiring, really.


  1. House plants are actually a lot more involved than what people can imagine. I myself am still wondering what happened to the Lilly I bought at the beginning of summer. I wouldn't be surprised if Martha actually have professional planters to come in and take care of her plants.


  2. i'm sure you're right, nicolette! martha no doubt has an army of helpers . . . lynn-anne