Friday, August 21, 2009

for the little ones

newly bookmarked kid's stuff . . .

all kinds of fun
read all about it in the summer 09 online issue,
fun blog, too

shopping, a little heavy on the forest friends, but some great things, including these almost-sold-out school bags (caroline wants one!)

and, if like us you're sick of all the same old same old shirts at the mall (hey, even urban outfitters is getting a bit boring, and Lucky is not so lucky any more) check out (see the birdie above for an idea of the originality and creativity of the shirts) and its new little sib, for cool and unusual stuff, and deals on kid's items ~ a new one posted at midnight. works well for us.


  1. i love them, too! sometimes i get this stuff pretending it's for my kids, and use it myself . . . way more fun than my own stuff! LA