Monday, August 24, 2009

for the little ones, wild and woollies

at our house, the little ones tend to be quite wild and woolly themselves, and they ALWAYS need a (preferably recycled or upcycled or handmade or at least Peruvian or American or possibly from the wild woods of South Carolina) friend to keep them company . . . so here's the fergusandme family's choices for tippy top not so wild things. You'll fall in love ~

we adore everything from Atlanta-based Blabla, especially Mr. X, the boogaloo, pictured at top in all his hairy splendor.

Likewise, we love the unique recycled sweater stuffies by our Canadian friends Cate & Levi, handmade, recycled, and very, very special.

And we're terribly excited to have discovered that deep in the deepest darkest South Carolina woods, where we often hike to mysterious waterfalls and old-growth stands, there live the pogos, a clan of cute and tiny bears upcycled from the cozy sweaters of yore. Can't wait to spot one, if not peering from behind a tree on our next SC hike, then definitely among our Etsy favorites.

all precious things, like our little ones, we think.

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