Thursday, August 13, 2009


we saw these terrific swinging contraptions for children at the Haba booth at the Atlanta market. Everything Haba makes is terrific quality, well executed, and guaranteed to make a BIG smile stick on any child's face. Our little ones are especially enamored of the two indoor/outdoor versions pictured below; the sailing ship, and the rocket ship. Try amazon and for supplies, and happy swinging! (just make sure you have plenty of room ~ an excellent use for that McMansion or loft living room you haven't gotten around to furnishing yet!!)

. . . there seems to be something really comforting for kids in swinging around gently in circles, especially in an enclosed space. We often find our kids curled up with a book or a favorite stuffed animal in one of our Habitat or Ikea swinging chairs. We love them so much we have a couple of Ikea Svingas in white (only us69.99!!) on our screened porch, facing each other to allow for maximum interactive discussion ~ a relaxing place to catch up with your kids' lives . . .

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