Tuesday, May 3, 2011

just in case you didn't know: about pinterest, a place to find the most amazing and lovely things

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happy tuesday, (hopefully) happy people!

apparently i'm in a party mood, as the images i've chosen for this post are all party related, so here goes ...

in case you didn't know, i wanted to let you know about pinterest, a super, searchable site where thoughtful (mostly) people post, or 'pin', images from all around the web ... spectacular images, like this one, of party planning, kiddie things, travel destinations, decorating ideas, the cutest tiny chairs, or hats, or puppies ... you get the idea.  it's easy to search and carefully categorized.  so, for example, if you're planning a wedding, or a nursery, or just a new pendant light for you bathroom, you can rummage through other people's 'boards' of favorites -- it's like rummaging through the brain of a bunch of cool, connected friends for ideas - perfect!

i've got a bunch of boards (but there are so many more inspired ones) - including the hopefully aptly named "kid cool", found here ...

that should give you a jumping off point!

my apologies for the hours and hours you'll lose to pinterest ...

x lynn-anne

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