Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wythe blue room - bargain hunt

wythe blue room
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in the fergus&me family home today, our kindergartner teddy practiced his writing on the slate fireplace in the wythe blue room today -*why not?*- .... and i found a sweet dwell studio mandala pillow at target for $20 (on sale; run, don't walk ...! they're adorable). this little spot is also sporting a slipcovered $75 estate sale sofa, a pretty chinoise table (from the habitat restore), a honeycomb gilded mercury glass lamp with a burlap shade from jamie young co. (okay, i admit it, that was pricey) & a piece of art from natural curiosities -it's four bees around a hive :)-, a fireplace stocked with plenty of vintage lincoln logs (ha, ha) and couple of old tonka toys from the thrift store (LOVE that winnebago!), oh, and a selection of estate sale and thrift shop goodies, as well as polaroiods and another natural curiosities print on the mantle. comfy, cosy, perfect family space. why not make it (your space) pretty (cheaply)?

x lynn-anne

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