Saturday, May 14, 2011

wythe blue room on a rainy afternoon.

wythe blue room on a rainy afternoon.
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this little sitting room is right off our kitchen -- together these two rooms form the hub of our very busy home life.
as our family changes and the children grow, and we need more of some things and less of others (like more craft table space and less toy storage) ... so i change this room little by little, or sometimes a lot, to suit our needs. right now, we've got a big old farm table for crafts and writing and building lego starships, two small vintage settees for sitting and talking and catching up, and a lot of extra chairs for the inevitable friends,
i think the point is to go ahead and make your space reflect your family's loves and needs: move things around, find new uses for old things, and celebrate the now, rather than getting stuck with what worked last year, or what will work next year. speaking of which, i've got some revamping to do in our all-purpose entry/living/laundry/play room .... ;)

have a happy saturday!

x lynn-anne

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