Sunday, May 15, 2011

mum and me, somewhere in Scotland, late 1960s.

mum and me
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i meant to post this on mother's day or thereabouts, but it didn't happen for one reason and another. my mum gave me this photo a few months ago, and i must say, i really love it - her pretty sixties self, the pretty scottish hills in the background, the suggestion of a picnic, the feeling of beginnings - that silver cross pram!- and the fact that this was probably taken by my dad, gone far too young. ... it's a beautiful image. the old adage is that a picture's worth a thousand words, and to me, this one sure is.

i'm wishing you lots of lovely afternoons with people you love ...

x lynn-anne


  1. That is a lovely picture with a lovely story behind it!

  2. Hello Lynne-Anne
    This is exactly the way I remember your mum when I first met her. You were a wee bit older because Marie-Claire was a baby.
    It is a lovely photo
    Maureen xx