Monday, April 25, 2011


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one of my favorite memories -ever- is of a golden day, the kind of buzzy, flowery, glorious day that i think happens mostly in england, a day that my husband and i went adventuring by ourselves all through somerset and down into devon. that day, we picked the tiniest, most delicious, and most perfect strawberries at a somerset farm, and ate them together in the car, dipping them into a fresh little jar of clotted cream that the farmer thoughtfully provided for sale. it was a beautiful afternoon, one to remember.

-yesterday, we went berry picking with all our four children -a minor miracle as the two teenage boys tend to scorn in-town adventures- and the whole afternoon at that sunny berry farm in north carolina my head was buzzing with nostalgia for that long ago day, before children arrived ... (not that i would exchange the two, for anything).

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