Wednesday, November 3, 2010

would you be happy if you got this in the mail?

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happy wednesday night --

help me out, guys . . . i spent ages today figuring out a cute font and editing various images (not to mention -horrors- ! spending at least an hour in my local papersource finding postcards and other stuff i really, really needed . . .) and then figuring out how to print this at home on cardstock without creating a giant paper jam like usual (turns out it's easy if you follow directions - who knew?) and what i've got is some -i think- pretty sweet postcards that look like this. i'm using them as thank yous for people who've very kindly bought things at our bricks and mortar shop. so my question is - good? or should i try again? (please say no to that one! ;)


x lynn-anne


  1. thanks! that's encouraging :) i'm always sort of fighting an uphill battle on this sort of stuff -- i have loads of excellently fun ideas but i don't know how to make them a reality. . . better with regular ol' crafty stuff, and decorating.
    but, . . .thanks!