Tuesday, November 2, 2010

fall flickr faves

fall flickr faves
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photos via some lovely and talented flickr friends ~

this is the time of year when i begin to feel the headlong rush toward the sort of fundamental holidays . . . that time when i think we're all forced into this ~ the

hollyberry*sparklydeco*toysgalore*shoptilyoudrop*turkeycooking*guestprepping*seriouslyscaryfrenzy*nightmarethatisthetimebeforechristmas ~

that seems always to define the end of the calendar year, especially for us moms ~ shops shove halloween to the nether regions of the sales floor to make room for acres of tinselly tat, and we feel the weight of our family's elevated expectations on our already sagging shoulders. . .

anyway, this year i say -No- (at least for now) . . . this year, i plan to stay focused, to stay calm, to stay centered in the season - so for now; ~ autumn, i celebrate you.

enjoy the orange ~

x lynn-anne

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