Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Collection a Day, 2010: Day 300

image via lisa congdon, a collection a day

this won't be a surprise if you know me personally at all, but when natasha louise king (she's sweet and amazing!) was at my house styling for country living's shoot, she remarked on the variety and sheer numerical intensity of my collections: need a red accessory for that spot? here's 17 to choose from; need some vintage desk accessories/a charming old dollhouse/pretty dishes/obscure and esoteric pencil drawings/scottie dog figures/chinese papier mache? have that, and that, and those . . . i love so many things, especially old things, and i can sniff them out like a hound dog in search of a bone, even when i'm somewhere you'd think was hopeless in terms of potential for unearthing lovely things . . . . so it was with delight that i discovered SF artist lisa congdon's blog, and with, a kindred soul; A collection A day, 2010.
gorgeous images, gorgeous collections. my favorites are Day 300, "nautical objects and ephemera" ~ lovely, lovely.  have a look!

x lynn-anne
A Collection a Day, 2010: Day 300: "Nautical objects and ephemera."


  1. What a talent you have! I hear so much from Meggy about your fabulous home and trinkets! :)

  2. thanks! it's quite fabulous, really. although also quite messy quite a lot of the time as quite a lot of people and pets live here ;) oh, well! x