Wednesday, November 3, 2010

it's never too early. be prepared. holiday gift guide begins today.

image via blabla

if you, like me, have little ones on your list, then you, like me, will want to take a look at the most adorable line of fair trade-ish, people and planet friendly knitted toys around today.  purely perfect, handmade in peru, and picked by stylish kids everywhere, blabla's line of soft toys and dolls is practical and pretty: backpacks, and baby clothing, now augmented with the addition of darling paper products, come in various guises and sizes for your gifting pleasure. have fun (i just bought a bunch for the store, and i can tell you, it was nothing but fun!)

all images via blabla


have fun with the blablas ~



  1. Makes me wanna buy buy buy!
    I love these items by blabla. I really appreciate how things are placed together in sets. Sometimes it's just hard to do it all by yourself so it helps when someone does the 'connecting the dots' for you.
    Definitely going shopping here!

  2. i committed the cardinal sin and shopped blabla online tonight for my shop with my five year old boy sitting right next to me . . . bad move. we don't have any girl-y dolls for the store (although as you can see they're not exactly manly!) but so fun, everyone loves them. glad you do, too :)
    ps the blabla people are really nice and super concerned about the people who make their product. love that.
    thanks, lisa! and thanks for following -- x lynn-anne

  3. The best gift is a great memory that the other person will remember in their heart and one that will uplift them and bring a smile to them even when nobody is looking at them. Do you know how many people are just being polite as they show their appreciation of whatever gifts they received but they turn around and discard them as days go by or once the relationship turn sour. The best gift is the one that you know they will love. Someone loves cat. Giving them a calender with lovely cats does not necessarily bring them joy. Someone likes a labtop but not knowing what programs, models, brand and the country where the parts and country it came from and whether you can truly afford it will not make it a good present but still, it is better just to give cash and they can do it in whatever they wish. Having said it all, if making presents or giving presents make the giver happy, it still has its place in the world. Once I was given a present and one that does not cost much and is not something that I really like, the person told me that she expects something in return. It puts a burden on me and I know it is not a friendship I want to continue. I am no longer giving presents of any kind unless I know for sure the person wants that one and I can afford it. Instead I prefer to give practical help but then I also discover that not every help is helpful to the person being helped. The best gift perhaps is some genuine encouragement or words that come from your heart and the other person could receive the message in the same way it was delivered. Cash or your time and talent for some practical help they need or wanted. Expect nothing in return. Just enjoy the joy of giving to the right person at the right time in the right place given at the right atmosphere with the right attitude. For your reading only and you can paraphrase it and share your thoughts. Will follow up on it.