Monday, August 16, 2010

today's uber-cool thing at our house: the ball chair, shortly after its arrival

ball chair, shortly after its arrival
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at our house, because of my work, you could say we're on a first name basis with the ups guy and the fed ex lady, not to mention the conway trucking guys and the webb company, and our foyer often looks more like a shipping department than a pretty house entryway . . .

SO . . . anyway, today's new arrival in said shipping dept./entryway was this child-sized ball chair, very 'mork-from-ork' (my kids said "who??" when i made that comment!), which may or may not ever make it to our little shop, as everyone here thinks it's adorable, especially teddy, who's helpfully demonstrating the chair in this snap.

did i mention that the chair twirls, delightfully ?! also, it has that shiny, sleek, space-agey white exterior, not to mention a brightly blue, comfy interior (complete with pillows which are obviously suitable for throwing on the floor, to be used as actual pillows for a passing teenager, as usual, exhausted . . . )

SO, back to the chair: it's adorable and total cool all wrapped up in a round little ball. check back for actual pics. SO sorry about the hipstamatic iphone app thing: i should be over it soon.

x lynn-anne

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