Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A flock of cranes

A flock of cranes
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caroline's newest cranes.

she's flogging them at our etsy store -- i kind of think she's saving up for something big. (hmm, possibly i should investigate what that might be? a new ipod? a bell for her bike? a penguin???) -- she was inspired by the sale of some of her crane mobiles (thanks so much lovely buyers -- you made her twelve year old day, and i so love that she's getting positive reinforcement for her industry and creativity) . . .

but back to the cranes. . . they are really pretty and kind of uplifting (pun intended :-) and they seem to be super popular now (witness caroline's room going a bit viral on the web). and the legend goes something like this: IF you make a thousand cranes, you'll get your dearest wish . . . . wonderful idea, huh?


really, you don't have to buy any . . . . maybe we could have a giveaway?? tell you what: let's see what happens -- we'll do a random drawing (names in a hat, i think) for fifteen equally randomly chosen cranes from the flock in this photo. all *you* have to do is comment on this post, and let me know your fave crane color. we'll see that you get that one if you win :-)

oh, and put your email address so we can let you know if your name is drawn. fun!

it's an experiment.

x lynn-anne


  1. My favorite crane color would have to be purple! But all the cranes you have posted so far have been beautiful! Keep up the awesome work :)


  2. So sorry I am late to this post. So very late. I love cranes and my favorite color would be turquoise or blue.

    Thank you!! Always, Teresa T.


  3. I'm sure I've missed this fabulous giveaway. Love the fact that the cranes are made by your 12 year old daughter! I have two mobiles, one for each of my girls that were a gift from a friend. They are absolutely fantastic and I think you're daughter should see them so she can make one for herself. Is there a way I can email you a picture?

    Also, there is a site called "random.org" you can use in the future for giveaways. Easier than pulling from a hat if you have lots of comments to choose from!

  4. thanks so much, Joy . . . i will be randomly selecting later today, so you didn't miss it. you can definitely email me a picture: lynn-anne@lakbdesign.com. can't wait to see it! x lynn-anne