Sunday, August 15, 2010

artists we love: studio tuesday

image via studiotuesday

caroline and i are loving the perfect watercolor-and-ink art of maryland artist david scheirer, sold via his etsy shop, studiotuesday, which you can find here.

david's blog, with more of his work, is here.

david writes that he's inspired by his walks along the seashore, and we really love his work, maybe because the sea's a very special place for us, too.
we can't decide which one is the one that's meant for us.  these four are our favorites. 

what do you think?
image via studiotuesday

image via studiotuesday

image via studiotuesday

oh, and ps. ~ i first saw david's work on artist amy perrotti's lovely blog, which is here. apparently, david donated a print of the hot air balloon piece above to the (oxfam and world wildlife fund approved) gulf coast fundraising etsy store, which is here.

thanks, amy and david, and other generous etsy people.

x lynn-anne

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  1. Thanks! I'm glad you like them, it means a lot.

    I appreciate the post also!