Sunday, November 27, 2011

Old and new Christmas things on the top of our lockers #hipstamatic #lakbdesign #whynotmakeitpretty

Old and new christmas things on the top of our lockers #hipstamatic #lakbdesign #whynotmakeitpretty
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i'm trying not to go crazy with the decorating this year ... but i had to get out this past-its-best-but-still-so-perfectly-kitschy tree, and i like the way it looks on top of these old lockers. it brings back some sweet, and long ago memories -- watching my dad untangle our (two) strands of lights, his lanky 6'4" frame stretched out on the floor of our little scottish living room -- that's one of my earliest Christmas memories (that and my mum's delicious cakes), and then, - the breathtaking moment of surprise when the room lights go off and the sparkling tree is all that's left ... i think simple lights are the best thing about decorating for the holidays.

x lynn-anne

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