Wednesday, November 30, 2011

natalie's living room, or, what you can do with some fab tag sale stuff

natalie's living room
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a few weeks ago i did a little styling at my friend (and sometimes design client) natalie's pretty, old colonial house. natalie and i actually met at an estate sale, and like me, she loves to use her fab finds, along with family pieces and the occasional new thing, to create a warm and pretty home for her sweet little family..... lovely, no? and how about that gorgeous pup :) love him.

so, head out to an estate sale this weekend. it's fun, and earth friendly (recycling!), and it'll help you find ways to make your house as cleverly chic as natalie's. good luck!

x lynn-anne


  1. Natalie's living room is so charming and cozy looking. I love her window treatments!