Saturday, August 20, 2011

rock painting: a craft eminently suitable for uncertain economic times ;)

caroline was painting rocks today
Originally uploaded by lakbdesign/fergusandme

most of us can find a couple of (free) rocks in the yard or on a walk. most of us have at least a few old tubes of paint. ergo, most of us have the makings of a fun little project -- for free. perfect for down market times, and you're limited only by your imagination, which is (hopefully) abundant, and also free. and these sweet and lovingly crafted things can be recast as gifts - paperweight, anyone? (but no throwing stones, no matter how cranky you get ;)

happy saturday! i'm off to do some work, then cupcakes and ice cream with the entire first grade, and all of this to be topped off by a soccer tournament ... it's lovely to be a mom ;)

x lynn-anne


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